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Firm Analyst Contact Information
Barclays Moses Sutton 212-526-4060
Citi Ryan Levine 212-816-6555
ERA Forest Product Research Claire Huxtable 604-267-3021
Pickering Energy PartnersKevin Pollard713-999-9931
Raymond James Pavel Molchanov 704-940-6398
RBC Capital Markets Elvira Scotto 212-905-5957

Credit Ratings

Enviva Partners, LP Ratings

Moody’s¹ S&P¹ Fitch¹
Corporate Credit Rating Ba3 BB- BB-
Outlook Stable Positive Stable
Senior Unsecured Notes Due 2026 B1 B+ BB-

1) Credit ratings are assigned by the rating organizations, are subject to revision or withdrawal at any time by the assigning rating organization, and are included here for informational purposes only. Credit ratings are not a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities, and each credit rating should be evaluated independently.